Best Glass Protector – Samsung S24 Ultra Glass Protector

Here we explain how the Samsung S24 Ultra Glass protector is applied, its functions and the tempered features will be clarified.

UltraGlass Unbreak Top 9H+ Glass for Samsung S24 Ultra Screen Shield Mil-Grade Shatterproof, Longest Durable, Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Samsung S24 Ultra Glass Protector

Compatible DevicesCellphone
MaterialTempered Glass
Item HardnessTough than 9H
Special FeatureHigh Sensitive Fingerprint Unlocking; 9H Tougher Hardness; Sumdge, Scratches & Wear Resist; Smooth touchscreen; HD Clarity; Bubble Free; Easily Installation Frame
Finish TypeGlossy
Unit Count2.0 Count
Screen Size6.8 Inches
Screen Surface Durable
Model NameSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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About this item:

  • Fingerprint Unlock is 100% effective! The pioneering NanoTech glass is ultra-thin but extremely durable. It feels like nothing is there, resulting in a faultless 100% ultrasonic signal transfer. Our unique UE Tech enhances acoustic waves for a faster and more responsive fingerprint reader. Say goodbye to the frustration of a non-working fingerprint sensor and sluggish responsiveness!
  • Unbreakable TOP 9H+ NanoTech Glass, Second Screen for Your Smartphone It’s built exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen, offering exceptional shatterproofness, durability, and scratch resistance.
  • What Makes it Excellent? The core material, 9H+ NanoTech glass, is commonly utilized in aerospace and military applications due to its higher shatterproof, scratch and wear resistance, resilience, and durability compared to other materials. Thus, the 9H+ NanoTech Glass serves as a second robust screen for your Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  • Military Grade Shatterproof is the industry’s number one. Authorized by International Military Standard with 12 rigorous engineering tests of 220lbs impact, 8ft drops, and 10,000+ scratch tests, its strength, toughness, and durability perform NO. 1 among all glass.
  • Revolutionary! Easy One-Step Installation – No Bubbles, No Dust Includes everything you need, including breakthrough automated alignment, dust and air bubble removal, and absorption technology, making installation simple in seconds. Anyone can use it like a pro, with no concerns about air bubbles or flaws. Furthermore, our specialists are constantly available online to help you. Say goodbye to those bothersome faults!
  • Oil and smudge-resistant, smoother than the original screen. Improve your touchscreen experience with high-quality German oleophobic coating. Say goodbye to smudges as it effectively repels oil, water, and dirt residue, keeping the screen clean at all times while providing a smooth touch feel and seamless glide.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass for mobile devices protects the device’s screen. It is essentially a thin sheet of highly treated glass that is intended to be tougher and more resistant to harm than ordinary glass. Here are some main uses and benefits of tempered glass for mobile phones:

  • Scratch Resistance: Tempered glass protects the screen from scratches caused by everyday use, such as placing the phone in pockets or bags with keys or coins.
  • Impact Protection: It functions as a shock absorber, lowering the likelihood of the screen splitting or shattering if the phone is dropped or knocked against a solid surface.
  • Clarity and Touch Sensitivity: High-quality tempered glass maintains screen clarity and touch sensitivity, resulting in a smooth user experience without sacrificing display quality.
  • Easy Installation and Replacement: Many tempered glass screen protectors include installation kits, making the process simple and bubble-free. They are also relatively easy to replace if damaged or worn out.

Overall, tempered glass screen protectors are crucial mobile device accessories, protecting precious screens from normal wear and tear as well as accidental damage.

Samsung S24 Ultra Glass Protector

Samsung S24 Ultra Tempered Glass:

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that has been strengthened by regulated thermal or chemical treatments. It is widely used in electronic devices such as smartphones to protect the screen from scratches, collisions, and shattering.

The Samsung S24 Ultra is most likely a speculative or forthcoming model of the Samsung smartphone. As of my previous update, the S21 Ultra was the most recent model in the Samsung Galaxy S series. If the S24 Ultra exists, it will most certainly have cutting-edge smartphone technology, such as a high-resolution display, powerful camera system, quick processor, and other luxury features.
Tempered glass combined with a high-end smartphone, such as the Samsung S24 Ultra, would give exceptional screen protection while also ensuring durability and endurance.

After the Samsung S24 Ultra Glass Protector installation > again fingerprint setup

If you place a tempered glass screen protector on your smartphone, you may need to reset your fingerprint or biometric authentication, depending on how the shield interacts with the device’s fingerprint sensor.

Following these instructions should allow you to correctly set up your fingerprint or biometric authentication even after applying a tempered glass screen protector.

Here’s what you can do:

Clean the Screen: Before resetting your fingerprint, check that the screen and tempered glass protector are free of dust, smudges, and residues.

Remove Old Data: If you had previously enabled fingerprint authentication before installing the screen protector, you may need to delete the old fingerprint data from your device.

Re-Register Fingerprint: Navigate to your device’s settings and locate the fingerprint or biometric authentication tab. Follow the prompts to add a new fingerprint, just like you did when you first set it up.

Follow the Instructions Carefully: When registering your fingerprint, make sure you carefully follow the instructions, scanning the entire fingerprint sensor area on the screen each time. This allows the device to recognize your fingerprint accurately.

Test and Adjust: After you’ve registered your fingerprint, test the authentication to confirm everything is operating properly. If you are having trouble recognizing your fingerprint, you may need to modify the sensitivity settings or re-register it.

Samsung S24 Ultra Features Video:


The Samsung S24 Ultra is a high-end monitor recognized for its extensive features and high-quality display. Tempered glass screen protectors are commonly used by users to safeguard their screens from scratches and damage. These accessories are
These accessories are intended to add an extra layer of security against ordinary wear and tear, preserving the display’s clarity and responsiveness while protecting it from impacts and scratches. A tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung S24 Ultra is normally easy to apply, fingerprint resistant, and transparent, ensuring an optimal viewing experience. To ensure compatibility and efficacy, use a high-quality tempered glass protector designed particularly for the Samsung S24 Ultra.

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